Board Meeting Minutes – 7 Nov 2018

Wednesday 7th November 2018
Belgravia Bowling Club Bedfordview
17:30 to 18:30 (Followed by Committee meetings)


  1. Welcome: – Chairman President Andy Stevenson
  2. Four Way Test: – Graham Wallett
  3. Attendance and Apologies:
    3.1. Attendance: – Bill Brunjes, Kevin Pearson, Jim Rankin, Ron Smith, Andy Stevenson and Graham Wallett.
    3.2. Apologies: – Andy Connold, Richard Eley and Ray Hewson.
  4. Minutes of the Last Board Meeting: – Approved – Ron Smith, Seconded – Kevin Pearson.
  5. Specific Items for Board Decision:
    5.1. Burns Nicht – Saturday 26th January 2019.
  6. Club Director Reports:
    6.1. Succession Plan – This needed to be completed for the next three years. Andy Stevenson, Bill Brunjes and Andy Connold.
    6.2. Treasurer – The Treasurer’s report had been circulated.
    6.3. Service Projects:
    6.3.1. Bethany Home – Ron Smith said that there was some work required to be done at Bethany Home. Legae la Nnete had been paid R5 000.00 by the Club, so Ron Smith would ask Gordon Dewar to attend to this. Bethany Home had lost the sponsorship of Mary Slack. Bethany had received a R5 000.00 donation from the Trust for November. Thereafter, there would be an income of R5 000.00 per month. Trust money would be used for training and running costs, not for food. The Club would still be responsible for the food and “consumables”.
    6.3.2. Legae la Nnete – Ron asked about Club Members sponsoring cyclists riding the 94.7. After some discussion, it was decided that individual Members could sponsor if they wanted. Sponsorship would not come directly from the Club.
    6.3.3. Burns Nicht – The date is Saturday 26th January 2019 at
    Johannesburg Country Club (JCC). Tickets would be R1 000.00 a head.
    He was working on getting a sponsor for the JCC expenses. Nick
    Andrew had invited the “Atholls”. Chairman Andy Stevenson had been in contact with the Rand Club with a possibility of working with them. It was felt that there was no chance of working with them. Ron Smith had been in contact with Tullibardine with a possibility of sponsorship. Currently we have five potential table sales. We need to publicise the project. Ian Ruickbie has contacts with Lighthouse. David Costine also has contacts. We need to follow these through.
    6.3.4. Bursary Project – R34 000.00 has been paid across for Amahle
    Mngadi for her first year. Andy Connold has possible contacts for the
    remaining four years which he would follow up.
    6.3.5. Cresset House Irrigation – Ron Smith was in contact with a
    contractor for this.
    6.4. New Generations and Membership Development – The Youth Leadership programme had been discussed two months ago. It was suggested that we invite Damien Lahout to the Club on 21st November to discuss the possibility of their taking the project over.
    6.5. Public Image, IT and Communications – Andy Connold was working on some banner designs.
    6.6. Fund Raising – Bill Brunjes has submitted the NPO/PBO application. It would probably take one to two months to be ratified.
    6.7. Club Administration – nothing to report.
    6.8. Secretary – nothing to report.
  7. General: – Chairman, President Andy Stevenson thanked Members for their attendance.
  8. Closure: – The meeting was closed at 18:30.
  9. Next Board Meeting: – 5th December 2018 at 17:30.