Edenvale Child Welfare

Originally called the Edenvale Child and Family Welfare Society, the organisation was established in the mid-1950s to supplement and support the work of the then National and Provincial Departments of Social Welfare. For many years its focus was to help families in need, due to the loss of jobs, loss of one or more parents, or alcoholism. The organisation provided food, clothing, legal advice and temporary accommodation, if required.

As Edenvale changed over the years so has the organisation. From 1994 it was nominated as the official NGO tasked with handling social welfare matters in Edenvale and surrounding areas by the South African Government. The organisation’s work is mainly amongst families and children ‘at risk’, most of whom are referred by the SAPS, teachers or parents.

Edenvale Child Welfare’s programmes include the following:

  • A community outreach programme involving social workers periodically in attendance at five primary schools in Edenvale for consultation.
  • Pinocchio Educare Centre, a low cost day care provider for children of low income families for children between the ages of 3 and 6 years of age.

To learn more about this charity or to offer assistance or donations, please visit http://edenvalechildwelfare.co.za/