Scholarship Donation Appeal

The Rotary Club of Knights Pendragon expresses its sincere gratitude to donors who have assistance the club in raising the full amount of R60,000 for a high school scholarship for an academically accomplished young rural villager to complete her remaining 4 years of high school.

The beneficiary of the scholarship is a young girl, of a single parent of very limited means and living in a rural village, who has studiously succeeded in to achieve academically despite her humble beginnings. While at primary school she came to the attention of individuals in the Partners for Possibility NGO and was assisted to successfully apply for a 50% bursary to a good boarding high school in an urban centre, there being no high school close to her village.

Knights Pendragon and with others, committed to raise money to fund the other 50% of her high school fees in order to ensure the best possibility of her completing her high school education and taking her a step close to a tertiary qualification and the possibility of earning a good income in future years.