Board Meeting Minutes – 4th October 2017


Wednesday 4th October 2017
Venue: – Belgravia Bowling Club Bedfordview
Time: – Approx. 17H30 (Before Committee Meetings)


1. Welcome – Pres.  PP Graham W.
2. Four Way Test – To be read at the main meeting.
3. Attendance – Pres. Graham W, PP John A, PP Andy J, PP Kevin. PP Ron S, PP Andy S, and Richard E
4. Apologies –  PP Andy C, PP Ray H, Ron D and PP Bill B.
5. Previous Minutes – Taken as Read.
5.1 Adoption of previous Minutes. Prop. PP Ron S           Sec. PP Kevin P
6. Matters Arising – Nil
7. Club reports :-
• Treasurer – Richard E – presented an Income and Expenditure account, this will be forwarded electronically to all members.
• Fund Raising – PP Bill B – No report.
• Service Projects – PP Ron S Informed the meeting that Gordon and Bridgette met to discuss common ground issues.
• Rotary Foundation – PP John A reported on a GETS conference he attended. He also mentioned that all’s well for the Health Day. PP John will be attending the upcoming Foundation Seminar.
• New Generations/Membership development – PP Kevin P mentioned that the time is right now to start raising the approx. R 65 000.00 for next year’s Leadership Weekend. PP Kevin will shortly be setting up a Membership Development committee.
• Club Administration – PP Ray H asked Pres. Graham to inform the Board that the Club AGM will be held on Wednesday 1st November 2017. Pres. Graham also mentioned another fellowship function on 29th November 2017.
• Secretary – PP Andy Jacobs – No report.
• Public Relations/Communications – PP Andy C/Ron D – No report
8. General – Nil
9. Closure :-   18H30
10. The next Board Meeting: – 17H30 Wed. 1st November  2017