Board Meeting Minutes – 1st November 2017


Wednesday 1 November 2017
Venue: – Belgravia Bowling Club Bedfordview
Time: – Approx. 17H30 (Before Committee Meetings)


1. Welcome – Pres. Graham W.
2. Four Way Test – Pres. Graham W
3. Attendance – Pres. Graham W, PP John A, PP Andy J, PP Ron S, PP Andy S, PP Bill B, Richard E and
PP Andy C.
4. Apologies –  PP Ray H and PP Kevin P
5. Previous Minutes – Taken as Read.
5.1 Adoption of previous Minutes. Prop. PP Ron S, Sec. PP John A
5.2 Matters Arising – Pres. Graham emphasized the urgency of raising funds for the Leadership Week-end.
Pres. Graham reminded the meeting that at the last General Meeting the Members voted unanimously
for the Club to go ahead and form a PBO. PP Bill B is in charge of this.

6. New Business – Prospective member, Ray Van Rensburg’s suitability for membership of RCKP was
discussed and the Board agreed that he is suitable and it was suggested that he be Inducted at the
meeting of November 8.
7. Club reports :-
7.1 Treasurer – Pres. Graham read from Richard’s Financials. Well Fare account Budget of R 543 000.00
is looking unlikely but there is still a lot of time to reach this figure. Pres. Graham covered the
financials in full, copies are available on request.
7.2 Fund Raising – PP Bill B – Golf Day is ongoing. 1000 Bike Show is ongoing. Burns Nicht Fund Raiser
is well in hand.
7.3 Service Projects – PP Ron S mentioned that Gordon of Legae La Nnete, is riding the 94.7 cycle race
and is looking for sponsors. This was discussed. It was suggested that all members sponsor Gordon
at R 5.00 per km. and the club equally match the total sponsored by the members. PP Ron mentioned
that Lagae L Nete has been supporting Bethany quite well. With reference to the Burn’s Nicht in
January 2018 it was suggested that Knights members pay R 150.00 per head and visitors R300.00 per
head. All arrangements are going well.
7.4 Rotary Foundation – PP John A has contacted PDG Greg S to discuss Foundation issues with the club.
PP John is waiting for a date from Greg. Issues to be discussed are Global Grants and Bequeaths.
Pres. Graham questioned PP John on his Foundation Budget.
7.5 New Generations/Membership development – PP Kevin P – No report.
7.6 Club Administration – PP Ray H – No report.
7.7 Secretary – PP Andy Jacobs informed the meeting that the nomination form for PP John A as DG for
the year 2020/2021 has been forwarded to District.
7.8 Public Relations/Communications – PP Andy C – All Members are now receiving the Rotary Africa
Magazine on line. Most members are now registered with My Rotary. Knights Face Book Page is up and
running. We have had good cover in the Edenvale and Bedfordview News.
8. General – Nil.
9. Closure :- 18H30
10. The next Board Meeting: – 17H30 Weds. 6th December 2017.

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