Board Meeting Minutes – 6th December 2017


Wednesday 6th December 2017
Venue: – Belgravia Bowling Club Bedfordview
Time: 17H30


1.Welcome: President Graham Wallett welcomed the members of the Board to the last meeting for the year 2017, noting that the requisite quorum of Board members were present and accordingly declared the meeting open for the agenda items to precede.

2.Four Way Test: President Graham Wallett read the Four Way Test.

President Graham Wallett
President Elect Andy Stevenson
Vice President and Director Fund Raising Bill Brunjes
Director Rotary Foundation John Anticevich
Director Club Services Ron Smith
Director New Generations and Membership Development Kevin Pearson
Director Club Administration Ray Hewson
Treasurer Richard Eley

4.Apologies :
Secretary Andy Jacobs
Director Public Relations, IT and Communications Andy Connold
Immediate Past President Howard Barratt

5.Previous Minutes: Minutes had been provided timeously and taken as Read.

5.1 Adoption of previous Minutes: The minutes were proposed by Ron Smith and seconded by Andy Stevenson.

6. Matters Arising – Referring to item 7, President Graham Wallett reported that the induction of Ray Janse van Rensburg had been successfully undertaken and all administrative procedures completed.

7. Specific items for Board decisions:

President Graham Wallett reminded the meeting that at the last General Meeting the Members had provided the Board with a clear mandate to proceed with the application to register our club as a Public Benefit Organisation, Conduit (PBO).

Bill Brunjes was given the mandate to proceed with this project. In order to fulfill our obligations in terms of the application requirements, we note the appointment of Bill Brunjes as the clubs official single point of contact in his capacity as the clubs Public Officer. In addition, Andrew Connold and Richard Eley are hereby appointed as the persons who accept fiduciary responsibility for the organization.

Accordingly, and in order to give effect to completion and submission of our application for registration as a PBO Conduit, it was necessary for a formal review of the Club Constitution and Club by-laws with any appropriate amendments tabled for acceptance by the Board of Directors as required in terms of Article 22 of the Club Constitution. This task now having been completed with the necessary amended documents circulated as required observing the necessary requisite period of notice, it was now necessary for the Board of Directors to formally consider and indicate acceptance or otherwise of these proposed revised Club Constitution and By-laws by means of a ballot vote.

The Board of Directors was unanimous in their acceptance of both documents as provided with no further requirements. Accordingly, the Club Constitution and By-laws tabled were approved for governance of the club going forward. It would now be possible for the application for registration as a PBO, Conduit to proceed.


5.4 Club reports:

Treasurer: Director Richard Eley presented his Treasurers report for the year to 30th of November 2017. This report is made available to all club members either on request or by accessing the clubs website, for their general information on the clubs financial affairs. Richard drew the Boards attention to the discrepancies between club projects planned and the funding attained to date, emphasizing that club projects planned can only be implemented where adequate funding to cover the full project costs had been raised.

Fund Raising: Director, Bill Brunjes reported that the Bethany Home project had finally been completed to the satisfaction of all concerned and that the full project costs had been fully covered by either funding raised and/or donations received.

The next formal fund raising event is the Burns Night, to be held on 24th January. This project was well underway and would be given due focussed attention to ensure its success.

Preparations had commenced for arranging the annual Golf Day, scheduled for the middle of March 2018 (Firm date to be advised).

Although the Classic Motor Cycle 1000 event only takes place in the first week of July 2018, attention and initial planning needs to commence at an early stage to ensure this project succeeds.

Service Projects: Director, Ron Smith reported that Gordon of Legae La Nnete had completed the 94.7 cycle race and his team had successfully raised funding to achieve their objective of acquiring an additional unit of accommodation. There was the matter of a small shortfall for insulation materials which he was giving consideration to. Our club may be approached to cover this additional cost amounting to R8, 000. Our club members had willingly agreed to sponsor Gordon based on the distance he covered on his ride, in turn, our Club agreed to match the amount sponsored by its members. In total this amounted to R11000 which had already been paid out to Gordon to be applied towards the additional unit of accommodation.

Ron Smith advised the Board that Legae La Nnete had reciprocated by supporting Bethany Home with cleaning materials they had been able to procure from their sponsors.

With reference to the Burn’s Night to be held on 24th January 2018 Ron suggested that Knights members and their extended families and friends pay R150.00 per head and external sponsors pay R3,000 per table or R300.00 per head. This was accepted by the club and confirmed by the Board. All arrangements are progressing very well.

Regarding the new project Chris Hani Baragwaneth Pediatric Burns Unit Upgrade at an estimated cost of R2million, Various avenues had been identified for the raising of the funds necessary and it had been agreed, as a first pass to approach Dr Dudu Coneni in light of his particular interest in this project. Initial indications had proved extremely encouraging and this approach was being pursued.

Rotary Foundation (RIF): Director, John Anticevich had arranged for PDG Greg Stathacopoulos to address our club on very specific Rotary Foundation issues covering Global Grants and Bequests of specific interest to our club members. This presentation and the opportunity for interactive questioning and discussion had been very well received.

President Graham Wallett drew attention to the need for our club to focus efforts towards raising the funding necessary to implement the various items budget for RIF. These budgets include payments to RIF in respect of the RIF Centenary contribution, The Every Rotarian Every Year (ERAY) $100 per member and the customary $3000p.a for Polio eradication and requested that John follow through and keep the Board appraised on progress.

New Generations/Membership development: Director, Kevin Pearson advised that initial preparations were underway for the RCKP Annual Leadership weekend. From experiences in the past, approaches to schools for identification of scholars with leadership potential was being deliberately held over until schools return after the year end seasonal holidays and into February when planning and arrangements can be made in earnest.

Club Administration: Director, Ray Hewson advised that Gift sets for guest speakers had been procured as approved by the club and were to become available early in the new year, in-line with speaker events planned.

Public Relations, IT and Communications: Director, Andy Connold had given his apologies for this meeting but had submitted his formal report which President Graham Wallett had shared with the Board. The Club Website maintenance, Social media applications were all operating successfully. All Members now receive the Rotary Africa Magazine on line. Most members are now registered with My Rotary.

6.General: No items raised.

7.Closure: Meeting closed at 18H30

8.The next Board Meeting: 17H30 Wednesday 10th January 2018