Board Meeting Minutes – 7th February 2018

Wednesday 7th February 2018
Venue: – Belgravia Bowling Club Bedfordview
Time: 17H30


1.Welcome: President Graham Wallett welcomed the members of the Board to the meeting, noting that the requisite quorum of Board members were present and accordingly declared the meeting open for the agenda items to precede.

2.Four Way Test: Sec. PP Andy Jacobs read the Four Way Test.


President Graham Wallett, PP Ron Smith, PP Andy S, PP John A, PP Kevin P, PP Andy C and PP Andy J

4.Apologies : Richard E

5.Previous Minutes: No Minutes available.

5.1 Adoption of previous Minutes: N/A

6. Matters Arising – Nil.

7. Specific items for Board decisions:

President Graham Wallett reported back on a meeting he and PP Ron Smith and others had at the Jhb. Country Club to feel this out as a venue for next year’s Burns Night. Pres. Graham was very excited about this as a venue and gave the Board a comprehensive report on costs etc. Much discussion by Board Members followed. This venue has been booked for 26th January 2019. Pres. Graham urged all members to give urgent attention to the Golf Day.

8. Club reports
No report.
Fund Raising: No report.
Service Projects: Director, Ron Smith reported that Cresset House has requested assistance with various issues that they have with certain pumps and gardens etc. PP Ron suggested that Gordon Dewer and his residents get involved here. PP Ron also reported that through PP Bill B’s efforts Gordon’s buildings have been painted.
Rotary Foundation (RIF): Director, John Anticevich reminded the meeting that PETS is on in 2 weeks time.
New Generations/Membership development: Director, PP Kevin P reported that the Leadership Week-end is going well.
Club Administration: No report.
Public Relations, IT and Communications: Director,  PP Andy C gave feed back on the social media platform.
Secretary: No report

9. General: No items raised.

10. Closure: Meeting closed at 18H30

11. The next Board Meeting: 17 H 30 Wednesday 7th March 2018


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