Retina SA “Ride for Sight” Marshalling Project

Reflective marshall jackets and flags shine through the early dawn as the members of RC Knights Pendragon and friends of club prepared for marshalling duty at the Retina SA “Ride for Sight 2019” cycle race in Boksburg, South Africa.

For some 25 years, the Rotary Club of Knights Pendragon has supported Retina SA’s annual “Ride for Sight” cycle race to raise funds for furthering their mission of finding the causes, and hopefully cures, for retina degeneration that cause blindness in many patients. RC Knights Pendragon’s small contribution to this fundraising effort is the provision of marshalls at a number of intersections to guide the cyclists on the race route and to communicate the details of any emergency to the race organisers.

Retina South Africa is a registered NGO and patient-driven action group for those suffering from retinal degeneration which causes a loss of sight and blindness. Primarily areas of focus are:

  • Support of the Retinal Degeneration Research project at the University of Cape Town to find the genetic mutations in South African families
  • Facilitation of genetic testing to identify those patients who will benefit from clinical trials and imminent therapy
  • Public Awareness of retinal degeneration
  • Patient support including education, referral and intervention
  • Collaboration with local and international agencies and researchers
  • Fund raising to support this work

Retinal SA are founding members of Retina International which is headquartered in Ireland.

Membership of Retina SA is open to all patients, family members and persons who wish to support our quest to find treatments for Retinal blinding conditions.

To learn more about Retina SA, please visit