Max of Dowerglen Spar recognised for his Community Support

The Rotary Club of Knights Pendragon recently awarded proprietor, Max Benjamin of Dowerglen Kwikspar a certificate of recognition for his support of Rotary Projects over many years. Not only has Max supported the Rotary Club’s projects, but he has also provided many Edenvale charities, including the Lionesses, SPCA, School Debutantes and other charities, with prime space and opportunity to make collections for various worthy causes at the doors of the Dowerglen Kwikspar.

Without such opportunities being provided by businesses in the Edenvale community, the task of volunteers seeking to improve the lives of those less fortunate, would be substantially more difficult and many more of those in need in our community would have to go without. The Rotary Club encourages business owners and leaders to be involved in improving the community and supporting those less fortunate, whether financially or in kind. With a broad attitude of if “each one helps one” our community will be a better place for all.