Cresset House Project Activity

Knights Pendragon Rotarians are pleased to have made good progress in helping management to improve the lives of the villagers at Cresset house in recent weeks.

Starting with the old bakery facility which had not been in operation for some time, was in need of some repair to make it useable again. With the kind support of businesses in the baking industry, Knights was able to get this facility useable for training some villagers in baking skills and the occasional supply of home baked goods for the enjoyment of the whole village. Not only has this proved to be fun for the baking team but it has given them a sense of pride and achievement when they see their baked goods come out of the oven and are able to share them with the other villagers.

As a result of a donation of educational LEGO sets to Rotary by the LEGO Foundation, Knights was able to secure a number of sets for villagers to use for entertainment and educational purposes. These durable educational toys are expected to provide much benefit in the months and years ahead.

Together with the Rotary Club of Kyalami, Knights have assisted Cresset House in upgrading their borehole pump for purposes of irrigating their vegetable garden. Although the produce grown in the vegetable garden is used by the village, participation in the process of planting, caring for and harvesting the crop beneficially occupies the villagers and helps with their sense of contribution and self worth.