A Mix FM 93.8 & Rotary Project

Please make your donation to: Account NameCresset House; BankStandard Bank; Account #: 201-144-468; Branch: Boulders 00-11-55 and email the payment receipt to with your name so that we can thank you.

Cresset House NPO in Midrand, Gauteng, is a registered NPO providing residential and workshop facilities for some 40 adults with intellectual disabilities. Ranging in age from 18 to 72, the residents live as extended families in six large houses on the property with the support of House Leaders and Co-workers. They are stimulated through engagement in various workshops including baking, vegetable gardening, card making, sewing and woodwork.

Water is a significant operational cost to Cresset House, despite some eight million litres of water per annum being recycled via wetland reed beds for use in garden irrigation. Municipal water necessary for domestic use and food garden irrigation costs some R25, 000.00/month. The installation of a ring water main pipe connecting the properties 3 boreholes to a small water treatment plant will allow Cresset House to be self-sufficient and save some R20, 000/month (R240, 000.00/annum) in municipal water bills into the foreseeable future. This saving will improve the sustainability of the facility and minimise fee increases to residents families, some of whom struggle to finance the welfare of their intellectually disabled loved one.

The Rotary Clubs of Kyalami and Knights Pendragon have joined forces with Mix FM to assist this essential community facility in the raising of R292,000.00 required to finance this water project infrastructure.

Individuals and companies are requested to assist Cresset House with their donations, big or small. A section 18A tax certificate and copy of Cresset House’s Level 4 BBBEE certificate will be provided to donors, on request.

For further information on Cresset House please visit