UK Spectacle frames for Lions Operation Brightsight

Rotarian Alton Werrett delivers spectacle frames donated by UK supporters to Kirsty-Anne Mackenzie and Angie Tshabalala of Lions Operation BrightSight.

The volunteer organisation Lions International’s Operation BrightSight has been providing corrective spectacles to the less privileged throughout Southern Africa since 1978. The Rotary Club of Knights Pendragon recently embarked on a co-operative project to collect second-hand spectacle frames for re-use by Operation BrightSight in this essential service to those less fortunate.

The initial efforts to collect second-hand spectacles resulted in some 488 pairs being collected from local family and friends of Rotary, and more recently the search extended to Rotary friends abroad. Sharon Thomas, a social worker based in Wiltshire, UK, responded to the need and collected some 141 spectacle frames, as well as mobility aids (crutches, walkers and wheelchairs) for other Rotary projects. With the generous support of Imperial Logistics, the consignment has been imported and these valuable items provided to the benefit of our charities.

Rotary thanks all the donors and sponsors who have contributed to the success of this project.